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This is so interesting! Its so cool you are willing to discuss it!

My reverse t3 is 0.35 (0.19-0.46)
Vitamin D, 25 Hydroxy is 32 (20-100)

Do you think these numbers are some how playing into my problem?

I did some more research which indicated that progesterone creme will actually reduce the sex binding globulin. So, it seems in keeping with what you are saying.

Still it is so strange to think that my low progesterone would scare my testosterone into gettin all bound up. Does that have to do with being a woman...and this is how the body is protecting me from turning into a man or something?

Good news! My script for the progesterone/estrogen test just arrived in the mail. They never returned my call (days ago)...so that way sort of out of the blue! Whooo hooo! Should I fast before this gets drawn? Is a blood test the optimal way to check this level?

I bought some progesterone creme, and some dhea and some pregnenolone. (lowest levels-10 mgs) In a odd twist of coincidence the store owner I bought the stuff from has Cushings and he went on and on to tell me he's also on thryoid meds!

Even this LOWE book has a chapter on the depletion issue you (and Ann) so elequently described. He says one should get the pregnenolone level checked. I didn't know there was such a thing. There is even an aldosterone level you can get checked he says!:)

Do you know which androgen causes acne? Is it both? I've taken anti-adrogens before and they cleared the skin...but deflated my energy something fierce. It took a while to recover too. Although, accutane didn't squelch my energy, it just made me migrained out, and sort of anxious. The b/c pills had a tenedency to make me weepy and anxious. Overtime, I gained a few pounds of edema.

I heard from someone that said that even if a testosterone is off a little in a woman, she will really feel it. I could see that I'm feeling very sluggish, and lightheaded, so that seems to match up.

Well, I guess when I get my electrolyte panel back...the potassium will provide a tip off according to Lowe's book. He thinks its part of the puzzle. Hmnn...

I used progesterone creme before and found that it upset my tummy. Does that happen to you? If so, how do you over come that. I found that it cleared up my skin extremely well, but made me gain weight. Although, I think there is a chance that may be curtailed if the other hormones get balanced.

Lowe's book also says B/C pills are a big no-no when it comes to metabolism recovery. YOU ARE SO RIGHT AGAIN!

This was the first time I had ever seen that written someplace. The first doc prescribed them for me with my first bottle of Synthroid! I had taken the pills here and there since. Well, I guess that is the end of them for now.

This whole venture into other hormones had to do with hunting down the reason for my ACNE. Its pretty bad right now. Its worse than before the thyroid came out. I'm hoping the progesterone creme will help keep it in check and the vitamin A and zinc I'm taking. Although...they are supposed to be anti-androgens. So...I hope I just don't keep my hormones all WHAKED.....as you say.:)
Lowe seems to think you can supplement and gives dosages, but also belives that if thyroid hormone is optimized the other hormones will rack right up back to normal. I think...they could use a bit of a kick!:)

Thanks for entertaining my questions Gopher. You don't know how very much it means to me!:)

My BP is 97/67. Is that low? Is that part of the sex hormone issues or the hypo-thryoid issue do you think? My guess is the hypo-T thing.

Warmest Regards,