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Hello everyone, I need help fast Please

Ok my tsh was at 56 about amonth ago and i started the armour/synthroid combo, it went down to 4 in a few weeks, My questions is I have been taking half a tablet of synthroid .150 mcg and a 2 grain of armour, and at first I had a bunhc of energy for the first time in months, but it only lasted about 6 days ro so, anyway I have been feeling soo tired lately and my legs hurt soo much, I am super depressed, anxious.

I am not sure what to do, or how much i should take, I am confused and not sure if maybe i did right by self medicating myself, I mean now I am not sure when its too much or too little medicine, I am thining that maybe I will hurt my thyroid even more by doing this any advice? by the way when i told my medical doctor that the combo was what lowered my tsh he was pretty happy and prescribed both meds!! so at least that part is good, in case i want to continue this combo, but I need advice Thanks in advance