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The average full replacement dose of Armour for women is about 120 mgs (2 grains)... a bit more, usually, for men.
Don't know how common weight gain may be, but whenever the hormones are in transition, almost anything might happen.
When I started Synthroid, my appetite completely vanished... couldn't care less about eating, but my weight didn't change for the 3 months I took it.
When I started Armour, I got my appetite back, but with a diminished craving for sweets, for some reason. But my weight didn't change directly from it either. Only recently, I changed my diet by drastically cutting down on starch and sugar and have lost 7 lbs. without any change in activity level. This would not have happened while I was hypo. So, in my case - yes, my levels are close to optimal, and I'm losing without too much effort.
Your right Midwest.

I should try and be more patient! I just thought I run this little piece info. by you. Several years ago I was on synthroid .025 mcg (lowest dose) with a TSH of 7.68. I just found this out as I requested the labs from 3 yrs. Its a long story of how I ended up on synthroid (only on it for 18 months)

Now, obviously I had a thyroid problem, can your thyroid get "better".

I have doctor appt. end of this month. with a Top Doc, who took over for a well known and respected Thyroid Doc. Unfornately he is private pay. But hopefully he will do blood work for different things (hormones, stress levels, etc.) My current doc. is very open minded. But I would like to see a doctor that is very current in treatment thyroid. They treat according to FRee's.

Anyway thanks for the support. I just get very frustrated when I am feeling so awful. I now this will pass!