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Hi! I have been reading threads on this board and have found it very informative! Thank you! I registered so that I could ask a question.

My TSH in January was 24.5 - I had been on synthroid and stopped taking it over a year ago because i didn't feel it made a difference - I know now how stupid that was! Anyway, I thought I read here that a optimal TSH is somewhere in the range of .8 - 1.2? I am back on synthroid as of the first week of January. Well I was re-tested last week and I am now at 4.6 TSH - I do feel better, but am still having an extremely hard time losing weight and am still tired (not as bad as before). I called the doc's office to see if i could get my # lower with more meds and the nurse said that even though I am "high normal" that the doc probably wouldn't change the meds.

I have an appt. in a week - What kind of information should I know or do you all think I should just stick with what I have? I hope this makes sense. Thanks in advance