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I am a 25 year old female and I was diagnosed 2 months ago with Hashimoto's. I had all the classic symptoms especially the weight gain and fatigue. I also have a rather large goiter.

My TSH was 20, my tfree4 was low and my antibody tests were positive.

My endocrinologist is very unsympathetic and doesn't seem to really care one bit. She insisted that I not come back for retesting for three months after my first visit. I said otherwise, and am coming back on Monday..2 months later. I have been on 75mcg a day and have absolutely no relief of symptoms. I feel the same. I take it everyday in the morning on an empty stomach.

My questions are:
1: Should all the tests be redone? I can see this woman just retesting my TSH which to me seems silly.

2. I am on an SSRI(lexapro). I have read that it can bind to the synthroid thus letting your body absorb less. Shouldn't she have said something about that to me knowing that I was on it?'

Please help
I was sent to an endocrinologist who gave me less than stellar care. I searched the internet and found one who had awesome reviews and recommendations. I had to wait two months to get into see him BUT he spent almost an hour with me. He actually talked to me. He told me tests can give him ideas of how I should be feeling but only I know how I really feel. When I told him I felt better on a higher dose of Synthroid, he agreed and put me back on it. I am on Lexapro also. For the first time in a long time, I feel good. My advice is to find a doctor who will listen to you. Don't settle for someone who only sees the numbers not the person.
Hi Bunyan,

I would say at the least they should check your Free T3 and Free T4 and TSH. I would also recommend having the bloodwork done prior to your appointment if possible so that you can discuss it at the appointment. If they do the bloodwork the day of the appointment, they will just call and maybe adjust the dose or just say - it's normal and you won't know what the values are. I have it done a few days before the appointment - it costs me another co-pay but at least I have something to discuss - not that it does me much good. I think after this next appointment that I'm going to find a new doc.

As for the Lexapro, when I asked my doctor (mind you I'm not thrilled with him) about the BC pills I'm on and their effect with the Synthroid, he said that they would just adjust the Synthroid to where it needed to be based on the test results (and he said on how I'm feeling but that hasn't been the case). So when your doctor sees the test results, if your levels are lower because of the Lexapro, the Synthroid should be adjusted to get your levels to where they need to be.

Good Luck!


Hey Tigger - your doctor sounds good - where is he located?
[font=garamond]I am totally with you on this one. My family doctor is damned incompetent when it comes to this stuff. I first went in for an unrelated problem four months ago. They did blood work, but I was never notified of the results. I really wanted those results because I was highly suspicious that I was hypoT. My doctor thought that probably wasn't the case but ordered blood work anyway.

I tried to get ahold of my doctor, but the receptionist who answered said I had to talk to the nurse; the doctor didn't take calls. The nurse alternately acted like she had no clue what I was talking about and put me on hold again and again. She said my chart showed no record of my blood work. I was too tired to argue with her. I went back for a routine appointment two weeks ago. I asked the doc what had come of my blood work and she replied that she knew she had ordered it but didn't see any results in my chart - and can you believe the woman actually questioned whether I had had blood drawn? As though I'd remember doing it if it hadn't happened! Really! :rolleyes:

So anyway, she told me she'd call me back when she found my results. Two days later, she calls and leaves me a message that I'm hypoT and she has called me in a presciption. I called back to find out what the NUMBERS were - I wanted to know how bad it was. The nurse acted like I was certifiably insane or something, then reluctantly read me the numbers over the phone. My TSH was 32.71 (supposed to be between .3 and 5???) and my T4 was 3.8, which was - almost - normal (?). In October. And it's March now. No telling what it is now!

I've called to try to talk to her, but all I can get is this dumb nurse. I am seriously considering switching doctors or going to an endo. I'm on 50 mcg/day of L-thyroxine and it's not helping the way I think it should. She didn't mention that I should come back for testing. I'd like to call her and ask, but I can't get through to her, only the nurse! I don't know what to do... Can anybody give me advice? Maybe I should have started my own thread, but it seemed related to this complaint about crappy doctors...

Oh, and this is just a hunch about the original poster in the thread, but from what I understand, you might not need the Lexapro after the Synthroid kicks in. :bouncing: [/font]