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I started Armour back in early February dose: 2 grains. I was on Synthroid 137 mcgs and I switched to Armour 2 grains. The only thing that I noticed different from switching from Synthroid to Armour was that I felt a little hyper in the morning and then slowed way down in the afternoom. I did not notice any other symptom difference from taking the Armour. I haven't really noticed any difference in how I feel from the Synthroid to the Armour. My labs came back to today as follows:

Free T4 1.3

TSH 0.07

The doctor said that I was actually going hyper and that he could not justify keeping me on 2 grains. He said that 1 1/2 grains might be right but since I didn't see any real difference between the Armour and the synthoid as far as my symptoms went, and I felt "let down" in the afternoon iI could go back to Synthroid and this was totally up to me. I told him that I could go back to Synthroid since I really don't want to have to cut my Armour in half to cut down on the "boost" in the morning.

So he gave me a prescription for 150 mcgs of Synthroid. He said that we will watch me closely and to come in in 8 weeks. If I am still hyper he will lower it.
Is 150 mcgs about the same as 2 grains of Armour? I have no symptoms of being hyperthyoid! He said that even though I have no symptoms of hyperthyroidism right now, staying really low like that can give me heart arrhythmias in the future and give me osteoporosis. He said, in the long run, it is not good. Any thoughts? P.S.-I love my doctor! He listens to me!!!
Wow! Thank you for this response. I hope that he won't be offended if I take some of these articles in and show him. he talked about "studies" and things but these are some great papers! At least I went up to 150 mcgs of Synthroid instead of staying at the 137 mcgs. I really want to see where my T4s are in 10 weeks or so. The reference rage for my T4 is 0.7 - 1.9. My T4 is 1.3 which looks "OK" as you said. I am going to try to keep these numbers here and if I go back next time and he says he wants to try to lower it I amd going to ask him to please not to and show him the articles. he told me he is afraid that 15 years from now (I'm 40) he will look back and say- we should have lowered this! Thanks for these papers. I am going to the library and get the journal articles in their entirety if I can! :)