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The thread is dated 9/30/04, and this is one response to the original poster's question regarding a thyroid extract she was given by her herbologist. She was told the preparation is exactly like Armour, but this may have been untrue, since the active hormones must be removed from any such product distributed in the US or Canada. Here's more of what one very knowledgable member, Meep, has to say about it:
Quote from Meep:
Any thyroid preparation that contains measurable amounts of T3 or T4 cannot be sold without a prescription. What that means is that unless he has to write you a prescription for it, it has T3 and T4 removed from it, and is NOT the same thing as Armour. The fact that it contains not measurable T3 or T4 means that it will not likely be a problem to take it with your Synthroid

Will it help you? That remains to be seen, because it may still contain traces of other thyroid bits that might help you feel better. On the other hand, it may not do a thing for you.

Would I buy it? Probably not. If you want Armour or its equivalent, find a doctor that will prescribe them to you. The real thing is very likely much less expensive than what the herbologist is trying to sell you.