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I have bee hypo since December (tsh 63) and am now on Synthroid dosage of 137 mcg. My current tsh is at 8.7 and I have another visit to my endo in 2 weeks. Within the time frame of around 3 weeks I have started losing very large amounts of hair. I know from being a hair stylist I should be losing around 100 per day. Tonight I brushed my hair and counted 379 hairs in the brush! Also my hair line at the nape of my neck has raised about 1 1/2 inches. I also had a couple of stylist check the rest of my hair and I have an overall dimenished thickness throughout my scalp.
Has anyone else experienced this? Coud it be the synthroid? I am starting to get very concerned. I just don't know what to do because according to the nurse at the endo's office: "This is a normal occurance and you should see a difference in about 3 months." I feel like in 3 months I will have no hair left!!!
Please, any insight will be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.
I've had hairloss issues with thyroid disease in general - I lost hair while hyper, while hypo, and I see changes in hairloss if I change my synthroid dose. My hair fell out the most actually when I was hypER, which was one of the distressing first symptoms that I was having thyroid problems.

I've been dealing with thyroid disease for 2 years now, and with bouts of hair loss and I assure you I am no where near bald :-) I started out with thick hair and I was literally sweeping a dustpan chock full of hair off the bathroom floor every morning after I got ready in the morning, when the hairloss was at its worst. I notice that now my hair is filling in, I have lots of "baby hairs" coming in at the hair line, and my hair is softening up and less coarse and dry than it used to be, when it was at its worst.

I found that being super gentle with my hair when it was falling out a lot was key. I never wore ponytails, braids or barettes, I used an extra gentle shampoo and conditioner and I didn't shy away from brushing my hair because I know that stimulates growth, but I just treated my hair as gentle as I could during that worst time and didn't pull or tug at it, and I stayed away from chemical treatments as well. Take care!

I had what I frightfully called massive amount of hair loss before I was diagnosed as hypo as did other family members with thyroid problems. Now that synthroid has me back in tune, I still am loosing more than I think I should, but I notice tons of new growth as well, so I too hope not to go bald.

When Mother was having problems and we went so long without a diagnosis to the point she sustained heart damage, I read several books. As hair loss is one of the numerous indications of thyroid imbalance, especially with eyebrows. That was the thing that scared me as since reading those books I've noticed so many people, especialy men who have lost so much of their eyebrows, from the outside in. Do you ever notice that? Anyway, I will deal with the hair on my head a lot better than loosing my eyebrows.
I know exactly what you mean. I used to have such a wonderful head of hair...
now my pony tail is just a little larger thank my thumb diameter. I haven't tried any of the nioxin products, I am just trying to make it to my next dr. appointment to see if I can get something out of her.
I am curious about the synthroid connection, I read on their site that in some cases it can cause hair loss. Maybe I should seek an alternate medication.
As a side note, is it a problem if your endo isn't checking your free t3? Mine only runs the tsh and free t4. Since I am on a t4 medication shouldn't they be looking at how I am converting to t3? I am still so new to all of this, I just thought I'd ask.