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I've had Hashi's for 6 or 7 years now and I was seeing an endo. I had some unresolved problems with fatigue, etc. He sent me for some blood tests. All seemed relatively normal. My TSH was a little on the normal/high end so he upped my Synthroid. My adrenals were "marginally" low, so he redid the test and said it seemed ok (felt my TSH was causing the problem). In November, he officially "cut me loose". He said that he could treat me for chronic fatigue since he didn't think there were any other autoimmune problems. I said "no thanks, I'm not going that route". He told me I was better off being treated by my GP and only paying one co-pay since thyroids are so easy to treat.
Ok, since my last visit, things have gone down hill (of course). I had a great deal of stress in the months of November and December. My Mom died on Dec. 10 from cancer, and as you know an illness like that is extremely stressful to everyone involved. In January I developed a rash that I cannot get rid of. I have extreme fatigue (going to bed at 8:30-9:00). Just walking from point A to point B makes me feel winded and my heart is pounding. I have had headaches on and off. Bouts of dizziness-almost a feeling of being "car sick" at times, short of breath, joints ache. Now for the big question: Should I assume this is all stress related, or do you think it's time to find a new endo? The thing with me is sometimes I don't trust myself. Some Dr.'s like to lead you to believe it's all in your head. PLEASE, some advise would be greatly appreciated!! Sorry this is soooo long
:confused: Kathy