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My mom lives a very healthy lifestyle. She walks 4 miles every day (and has been doing so for over 15 years). She eats very healthy foods, never any fries, starches, sweets, etc. She is about 5'4'' and weighs about 128lbs, although she has been heavier when she was younger (she is 59 now). She has never had high cholesterol and she has a physical every year so it is checked yearly. Well, this year her doctor checked it and it had DOUBLED and is now in "needs treatment" range. He retested it just to make sure there wasn't a mistake and it had gone up even more (just a little). The only thing that has changed in my mom's life is that she stopped taking estrogen about 6 months ago. This is the first time her cholesterol has been checked since. The doctor seems to think that this is the cause and wants her to start taking the estrogen again.

On a side note, she takes synthroid after having part of her thyroid removed about 15 years ago. She doesn't feel her levels are off, but I had read somewhere that thyroid problems could cause high cholesterol and I'm wondering if her doctor needs to check her levels.

Can anyone else think of any other reason this might be happening?

Thanks for your help,
How odd. I was under the assumption that estrogen is known to raise a woman's risk of cancer, so her doctor would rather she risk that than to treat the cholesterol?? I think I would rather have the high cholesterol than risk cancer just to bring it down....IF that's what caused it. There are several medications she can take to lower it, if it's indeed high enough to warrant it. Or she may want to try and bring it down herself first with more exercise and diet. I'm like your mom - 5'4", 115 lbs, watch my diet, exercise regularly, basically take care of myself. Cholesterol has always been around 130-150....last year it was 220. I wasn't concerned and evidently neither was my doctor. I'm 52 and have already gone through menopause so I'm sure that has something to do with it - lack of hormones, as in your mom's case. But I'm not going to worry about it unless it keeps going up.
As for having your mom's thyroid levels checked...by all means, I'm surprised they're not checked yearly anyway, as they should be if she's on synthroid. They can be a little off and she wouldn't notice, which is why so many people have thyroid problems and never have a clue. The symptoms aren't hit-you-in-the-face until they're really bad. So yes, she should be having these checked on a regular basis anyway.

Let us know how she is and what her doctor prescribes....