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does anyone here feel like i do? at the end of their rope? no definitive answers from any number of doctors? honestly, i don't know how much more of this coma like life i can take. i have hashimoto's they removed my thyroid, gave me synthroid, doctor simply ignored my complaints of fatigue (he told me to take some anti-depressants- which block thyroid hormone from fuctioning- the guy's a genius) thank God i didn't take them- i might not be here if i had. finally the drs say my body doesn't convert t4 into t3- um, i lost 10 years of my life waiting for an answer like this, only to be put back into my coma room. not one doctor seems able to help me. i am out of steam to look for someone to help me. sometimes i feel doomed.
sorry for the downer of a post, but i am really at my wits end. i feel like doctors are practicing quackery, not medicine. does any doctor know what he/she is doing anymore? after my mom's recent thyroid hospital trauma, i am betting for the no response. everything i have, except my life (never do that no matter how dog tired i am every day) i think i would win that bet.
No one previously mentioned this, so I will.... You really need to find a doctor who will prescribe you some T3. If the so-called "experts" have finally figured out that you aren't converting T4 to T3, they should have known that prescribing some would help. Doctors wrong-headedly never admit that Synthroid isn't the right drug for most hypothyroid people, and most of them won't prescribe T3 because they've been taught it isn't necessary. As you unfortunately have discovered, this isn't true.

I know how bad you're feeling right now, and that you probably have no energy to take up a fight.... but you really should try to find a doctor who'll prescribe T3 - preferably in the form of Armour or other natural dessicated thyroid, because it works better than synthetics for most people. If absolutely necessary, synthetic T3 is better than no T3.
Oh yes - you are where I was last year - too tired to care about continuing or go to ONE more doc to tell me everything was the best they could do. Now I've found a WONDERFUL doc who said the same thing - I have trouble converting T4 to T3. First thing he did was add Cytomel (or armour if desired) to my levoxyl. Also along the path of getting me to my optimum levels - he switched me to Synthroid. Levoxyl wasn't doing anything for me anymore.
Since this combo of drugs has been used for a year now - I am a different person. I like myself now. I have hair, bms, no heartburn, not cold, temp almost normal, and ENERGY that I haven't seen in 5 years!!!!
Find a doc that will get you some T3!!!!
i will look into this. i was at the pharmacy today, and i overheard the pharmacist say cytomel (my mom used to take it- since she was 19- started synthroid 4 years ago) is on back order and the girl who needed it started freaking out. how can that be- back order indefinitely?! he has no clue when they will have it, but it could be never.
the conversion of my meds to armour is too high. any doctor i have seen says the dose would be lethal. my thyroid levels are just about non-existent.
i feel especially tired because my mom passed away last week. my dad thinks it has to do with her thyroid. we will know soon. thanks for everyones' support. i am glad to hear that some of you are on the road to good health. that gives me some hope.