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Hi everyone. One day, I hope to be knowledgable enough about all this to help others instead of always asking questions! :)

Brief run-down: recovering from five serious tickborne illnesses, currently being treated for Lyme disease. Have had hypothyroid symptoms for years, finally diagnosed with Hashimoto's at the end of September 04. Did not get to a great doctor until the end of January 05. He prescribed Armour and Synthroid. He has slowly been increasing the Armour. I am now taking 30mg of Armour two twice daily (is that one grain?) and .05 mg of Synthroid once daily. The Armour was increased to this dose the second week of April.

My thyroid doctor wants to test blood at the end of May. I had to see another doctor recently and asked for thyroid tests to see what the levels are. I realized that I briefly took the correct increased dose of Armour and then (in brain fogged state) reverted back to taking one twice daily instead of two. I have no idea how long I took the wrong dose.

The results of the tests that were done are: TSH .0321, Free T4 1.27 (0.61-1.76), T3 154 (85-205), Free Thyroxine 3.0 (1.2-4.9). The Free T3 was not done even though I asked for it. I still have hypo symptoms. I am mad at myself for messing up the dose so I know it is hard to really tell where my levels are.

Do knowledgeable doctors still rely on the TSH as much during treatment? Can it be low when other levels could be improved? Any advice is greatly appreciated.