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Hi as you know I went back on my thyroid meds and seem to be having a little trouble, I swiched from synthroid to levoxyl and thought I was better until for 3 days, when out of levoxyl, I took the 3 remaining synthroids I had left over. I noticed a big difference in how I felt. I had always thought they were the same! Is it possible for the levoxyl not to be working for me as well as the synthroid? I had taken levoxyl a long time ago and had no problems then. Do you know if maybe it could be that my body got so used to synthroid that it does not "like" the levoxyl?
It's absolutely possible to do better with one than the other. That's why there's finally a big campaign now underway to inform MDs and pharmacists that patients who are stable on one brand should never be switched, because not all products work the same for everyone. Extremely subtle differences between each product can affect how any one patient's body absorbs and uses the med.
Stay with whatever works better for you. Get your doc to prescribe Synthroid from now on, if it works best.