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I'm on my third week of synthroid, and I'm starting to notice a change. My nails are not breaking as easily, they're actually growing! :) My libido has increased. I have a little more energy and spunk back. :bouncing: No weight changes yet, but then again I'm just really glad and excited to be showing signs of iprovement this fast!
I feel better than "better". I feel normal... my old self.
It was a rough two years getting here, though. I monkeyed around with two bad doctors and a trial of Synthroid before finding a good doctor who gave me Armour. Then it took a full year of graduated dose increases until I got to this point. Where I'm normal... my old self.

As I look back at it, the worst part for me was the mental one. The inability to concentrate and the apathy were the worst. My hubby frequently asked why I was down, when I didn't think I was down. Now I can see in retrospect what he meant. Last year at this time, I had absolutely no desire to plant my garden, which has always given me great pleasure. This year I'm back in that saddle and in love with nature again.