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I'm 26 yr old male, 5-11, 185 lbs, in decent shape, having a thyroidectomy for Graves Disease next wk. I had 2 doses of RAI yrs ago, neither of which killed the gland, slowed it, didnt kill it. I'm still taking PTU, my T3 and T4 are in normal ranges, but my TSH is .01.

Even though my T3 and T4 are 'normal' i still have symptoms (goiter, occasional goiter pain, bulging eye, anxiety, redness flashes, hair thinning, high blood pressure). I decided it's best for me long term to just get this thing out of my body. Hopefully, the current symptoms will go away.

Anyway, what can I expect after the surgery? I'm not taking about the scar and soreness, I can deal with that. I'm talking about how my body responds. I must say I don't really watch what I eat right now, but I do exercise and my weight has stayed pretty steady. Should I be watching what I eat for at least the first month afterwards until they get my levels back where they should be? I know they start you out on a 'low dose' when you leave the hospital, then you go back every month and get adjusted. My main concern is that I'm gonna become fat even if I watch what I eat, just because my body will be ground to a halt. Hopefully I have a doctor that listens to ME, and not the lab results. I'm very particular about my appearance. If I'm watching what I eat, and exercising, and still gaining weight, I will be pissed. Also, about how long before I can start lifting weights again? Hopefully not more than 1-2 weeks, and how long before I can return to my white-collar job? One question I have is, since I won't have a gland at all, isn't it easier to become regulated by the synthroid since your doc knows you're not producing any hormone on your own, thus making it easier to guage and balance? Also, I hear it's best to be in the normal-upper normal lab ranges - makes sense. Is there any harm in the doc giving you a little extra synthroid? Since there is no thyroid gland, doesnt this erase the possibility that you could become hyper again?

I read alot of nightmare stories on here, but my thinking is people that do NOT have problems with the surgery or their levels, are generally not going to bother going to a message board to talk about it. My thinking is those people who have struggles come here to get advice and vent, which makes it seem worse than it is in the grand scheme.

All thoughts and experiences are greatly appreciated.