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I've been on levoxyl for a little over five weeks with no real change in my overall condition. I've talked to a couple of other people who were once on levoxyl and they said once they switched to synthroid they started to feel better. Is synthroid better than levoxyl? I thought they were all the same. Anyone have bad results with levoxyl and better results with synthroid?

I've been on Armour since Feb. and feel sooooo much better than I ever did on synthroid.

i was on Synthroid for 5 years, did very well, but i switched to Levoxyl (new insurance) and 4 months later the hypo symptoms were coming back, and blood test showed low levels of thyroid hormone. He upped the dose, but it didnt help. So i am back on Synthroid, (will pay for it my self) , in my case, the Synthroid works better .
Cali, all insurances are different, but you ought to try having you doctor write an appeal to your carrier, saying that Synthroid is the better drug for you and that Levoxyl is ineffective. As I said, the current push is for patients not to have to accept substitutes.