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I was diagnosed with hypoT/Hashis 2 years ago. I have tried Synthroid and Levoxyl which neither one of them worked for me. I gained even more weight on them and was tired still all the time. Went to a lady doc who prescribed me Armour because I had asked her to. I was under her care for a while but my labs never came back "normal" so she sent me to an Endo. What a joke that was. The endo told me he doesn't believe in Armour and wanted me to immediately begin treatment with Synthroid again. Im like no way. I did have an MRI done per his request and it all came back normal. Needless to say I didn't follow his instructions. My insurance changed so I couldn't go back to the doc who orignally prescribed me the Armour. Went to another doc here in town and after much pleading and begging he prescribed me a month's worth of the Armour and then I needed lab work done to see where I was at and if he was going to continue prescribing it to me. My latests labs were'
TSH - 0.02
FREE T4 - 0.88

I had Free T3 done too but I am assuming they were within normal range as he didn't say anything to me about it. Well the doc told me since my labs are so critically low that I needed to go back on Synthroid. Im like no way,, and am so upset over this. It has taken me some time but I have finally started to feel good. I have been on Armour - 90 mg for 7 months now and within the past 3-4 months have been feeling awesome. The one symptom I still have that is kind of bothersome is excessive hair shedding but that comes and goes. Otherwise I can get through a day without a nap, my headaches have subsided and recently have been able to shed some weight through vigorous work outs and eating good. I had always done that in the past but still gained. I am feeling pretty good about myself and I know if I go back on Synthroid I will gain weight like none other and I will be tired all the time. It is proven that the T4 only treatment doesn't work for me but the docs won't listen even an Endo! Well I made an appt. with the doc who presribed me the Armour (even though I will probably have to pay for the visit myself) but I couldnt get in for another week and half. I have 8 pills of Armour left. Do I start taking half of the pill? should I continue to keep taking it? I am so confused. My lab work back in March was
TSH - .23
FREE T4- .90
Again I think the T3 was within range. My TSH and T4 have been all over the place , they have been on the high side too. Do you think I am being over medicated? I don't know what to think but I do know that I am feeling good and dont' want it to change. Please any advice/comments would be greatly appreciated.



I have been on armour since Feb. of this year. I was on synthroid for over 4 years and stayed depressed even though I was also on prozac. I am now up to 180 mg (3 grains) and feel soooo much better. The normal thyroid makes between 3 - 5 grains, so most people need a least 3 grains to really feel good. My mood is so much better on armour and I even like going out and about (use to be a homebody).


P.S. Have also started to loose weight