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You most likely need an increase--30 mg. is a starting dose.

Your body was responding well to the Armour at first, which is a really good sign. Hopefully your doctor will know enough to increase your dose when you start to feel bad.

The Armour is likely to make your TSH go very low, which can alarm some doctors, but your dosage should not be determined solely by TSH anyway.

I started on 30 mg. Armour about 1 and a half years ago and am now taking 150 mg. ( a 90mg. & a 60mg.) plus an additional 50 mg. of synthroid.

Most doctors seem to undermedicate, so don't fall for the "your levels are in the normal range" response if you continue to not feel well , make sure you get copies of your lab work and ask for opinions from the very knowledgeable folks on this board.

Good luck!