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The American Association of Clinical Endocrinologist is recommending treatment for those with TSH over 3. "New range" most doctors don't know this, is 0.3 - 3. In addtion to that higher TSH, you also seem to have symptoms.... look around this site there may be some threads on symptoms....I bet you will find "yourself". I had so many strange, and sometimes vague symptoms: foggy head, dry eyes, tired, weak muscles, heart palps, acne, swollen sore body parts here and there, dry skin....on and on...I am being treated and I started with a TSH of only 1.58....looks so normal but I felt horrible! I personally don't think you have CFS. What I did was arm myself with research and books and organized it al and went to the doctors office. I was ready with evidence to back up my claims that I needed a "trial" dose. I started on synthroid...(but now personaly I wish I had started with Armour....)I told him, "as long as I remain in the "normal range" what harm could it do...let's give a try. If you do get meds, this board is great if you have any question on adjusting to the meds....lots of good folks here! good luck!