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So... what are peoples honest thoughts on taking wellbutrin while taking synthroid? My dr put me on the wellbutrin about a month before I started taking the synthroid (about 2.5 weeks ago). I did not notice much of any difference in my symptoms when taking the wellbutrin alone (except the little jolt of energy here and there), and I have just stared to feel some relief of symptoms in the last few days from the synthroid (i believe). I find myself questioning if I should continue with the wellbutrin or not. Does it alter the effectiveness of the synthroid at all? If so, how?

Has anyone had experience with the two, either independantly or together?

My doc's NP wanted me to go on Lexipro when I went in with anxiety and depression complaints. I refused to take it until my thyroid bloodwork came back. My doc was proud of me when I told him what happened cause he said it was ALL thyroid problems. He questioned how many people out there were on anti-depressants and anxiety meds when in fact they had thyroid issues.
Just put a call into your doc (that prescribed the synthroid) and I bet he will tell you that the wellbutrin is not needed now.
Wishing you the best!