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All this about natural and synthetic E and other vitamins....I am a prime example of what happens to a person when they have been dooped into taking a synthetic instead. I had thyroid surgery and took a natural thyroid for many years with good results then was told the company had discontinued manufacturing them because of the huge amount of money to test and put the required shelf life date on the package. My doctor prescribed Synthroid. The beginning of problems, hair loss, weight problems, eye problems, joint aches, higher cholesterol etc. This year I said give me Armour, a natural and I am doing much better. Had another surgery and got put on Permarin for many years, more problems untill against doctors orders I took myself off them. Here is my point, your body knows what is natural and what is synthetic, whether it is food additives, vitamins or statins and you will pay a price. I now have stopped taking a lot of things and am trying to give my body a chance to do it's thing in the way it was intended. I hope I don't become so healthy that when I get Alzheimer's it takes me longer to die, as I sit in the nursing home. :rolleyes: