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I've had a churning inside me all day Wednesday and still today. I haven't been to sleep yet, too nervous. It's not anxiety....I've had that 157,000 times before and this is different. My bp and pulse are good, but I feel like I want to just scream, or jump out of my skin. My head is fine, I'm not fearful or anything that would be like anxiety. This churning sensation in between the stomach and chest area is driving me nuts! Anyone else ever have this? I've had this a couple of times before, and when I told my dr about it, she wanted me to go on HRT, but did she even know if what I was experiencing was part of perimenopause, or was she just assuming? I am not on, or have ever been on HRT.

My TSH 4 weeks ago was .32. It has steadily declined since I started taking Selenium on a daily basis. Doc has cut my Synthroid dosage twice now. I'm now at 125, but am wondering if maybe even that is too much, and maybe this churning feeling inside me is because I am now hyper?