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I have already had the blood work done and a scan--now it is at the point of a biopsy. I am trying to take the most painful first. My shoulder, then the rescan of the brain in July (a MUST do), then thyroid biopsy. My grandmother, dad, mother, sister all have or had nodules. Sister has DX of thyroiditis (that's all she says--no specifics), dad had Addisons (killed his thyroid in the 60s to "fix" him, now he takes synthroid), grandmother (died of brain cancer) a goiter (non-specific) and my mother is having biopsies every few months and taking synthroid. We are a very informed family concerning thyroids!!! Perhaps it was in the well water? (not really kidding here)

I didn't mention I had a positive ANA did I?? My parts are all falling apart!! I see a rhuemy later this month (june), a neuro as well. Busy, busy , busy.....