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I hope someone out there is feeling the same way I am. This board has been so helpful to me the past few months. This is my first post so I will give you some background. It started about 1 1/2 yrs ago after my mom died. I had atrial fib attack (never had it before!) and doctors could not figure out why. Then I was having panic attacks, nausea, irregular heartbeats etc.... The doctors all told me I was "stressed" and gave me the "we think you are crazy" smile. Months later I had a doctor who finally checked my thyroid and I was diagnosed with Hashi. and hypothyroid. My numbers fluctuate quite a bit. My symptoms do as well. My question of the day is.. My 2 biggest complaint are irregular heartbeat (where it beats regular, then stops then beats 3 quick beats in a row...etc) and shortness of breath. If I could get rid of those symptoms I could deal with the hot flashes, fever, aches and all the rest!! Does anyone else suffer with this? Do you know if these things occur when your dose of Synthroid is too high or too low? I should probably mention. I started on .50mm of synthroid then my tsh came in too low and they cut it down to .25mm. Then a few weeks later they did an ultrasound. It was fine. The next month I had major pain on my neck and when the repeated the ultrasound I had a 15ml nodule. FNA came back benign so they upped my synthoid back to .50mm. I hate living like this and would appreciate any feedback!