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Does a test that comes back within normal range truly normal? My TSH is higher now then it was 10 years ago but still considered normal. I am having alot of hypo symptoms. Weight gain,inability to lose,fatigue.....etc etc. My MD put me on Synthroid to see if that will bring the number down. Also I have an enlarged thyroid that you can actually see. I don't know if the Synthroid is really working though. When should I feel it working? Should I go to an Endo? And should I ask that they do T3 and T4?
You should ask for the Freet4 and Freet3 not the t4 and t3.

How long have you been on Synthroid?
I started Synthroid on April 5th. Actually it was generic the first month if that makes a difference. My doctor says she doesn't think it is as good as brand Synthroid. I am still not seeing a change though.