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Hello midwest! Thank you for the reply! Well, I won't have to worry about future switching because my doctor willingly switched me to Armour today. My first dose will be tomorrow (30mgs.)

Should I split the tablet and take 1/2 in the morning and 1/2 in the afternoon? How far apart from food should I take it? Is it better to swallow it or take it sublingually? What effects if any should I expect while adjusting to the switch? I have to admit that I feel so good now I was a little leery about switching but I feel more comfortable taking a non-synthetic drug.

Why do some people take Armour and Synthroid together?

I know all of these questions have been addressed before but it would take me a long time to search through all the posts for the info I would need :rolleyes: :) .

Thanks for anyone who takes the time to help me out!! I realize your time is valuable too :) .

Love and Prayers, Kelly
Thank you so much midwest for the reply. I feel a little more relaxed about it now. It *did* seem awfully complicated and I wasn't sure I could wait the recommended 4 hours between supplements (calcium and iron) as recommended AND take two doses!

I think I'll stick with the once per day since that's how I've been using the synthroid and have been feeling quite well on it(which obviously doesn't contain ANY T3). If I start in with the "afternoon" slump I'll consider splitting the dose.

I did take 1/2 the dose this morning with the intention of taking the other half this afternoon but I accidentally took my vitamins and now have to wait until 8:00 tonight to take the other 1/2!! I feel tired today but I'm not sure if it's related to the meds or not.

Thanks again!!

Love and Prayers, Kelly