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Hi again - Yes I feel like I'm wound up tight all the time - actually I think my synthroid was too high and that was making me all hyped up too....I do sometimes feel like I can't take it - but hang in there because things never stay the same and it will get better...My endo noticed that the cortisol (which he tests every six weeks or so) was 29, 28 and 29 I think and thought he ought to test the adrenal thing - I'd rather not put my email up on the board since it's a work email address - but I will be glad to chat with you on the boards about this - I'll try to check in regularly as I can....Even though my thyroid tests were all normal I did have thyroid nodules - so I'm sure that plays a role in my hormone imbalances and general not feeling well too....I didn't feel strange at all after taking the dex pill - didn't even notice it at all...try not to worry too much - if there is an andrenal problem it's very treatable with pills as I understand.....Much like the thyroid I think....and the worry will make your cortisol go up! - I know that's much easier said than done - I am the queen of worry (thus high cortisol)...but try to just take one thing at a time, cross each bridge only as you come to it, and maybe pick just one thing to do today to get your mind off things - watch a movie or take a hot bath, anything to relax just a little for a little while (I think I'll do the same! I'm such a worry wort!)...After all my cortisol tests - everything was okay - so hang in there!!! I'll be thinking of you and will check for your posts....
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I wish I would have lost weight like you! But I just got really anxious and my blood pressure went up etc....One way to see if the high cortisol might have been from levox too high is to see if you ever had it tested before you started taking the levox - I had asked my doc if the synthroid could have caused the high cortisol and he thought that was a reasonable enough question to look back at my test before synthroid. In my case, it was pretty high (but not out of the range) before synthroid so he thought that wasn't it.

However, the anxiety, nervousness etc...I believe have been exacerbated by my synthroid - I was at 150 mcg and he just agreed Thurs to lower it - I think it's going to help because I was a little better at 137. I've always had anxiety/depression problem (perhaps related to undiagnosed thyroid disease) for a long time....I am 40 and I feel 100 too. I think I get discouraged and depressed a lot too from not feeling well for so long....My work has suffered too. I'm glad you're getting a lot of tests done - hopefully that will help determine what can be adjusted to make you feel better. My cholesterol is 292 and was 241 when I was 31. But I've only been on synthroid for about 1 1/2 years...When I first went on synthroid my cholesterol was 277 and after several months it got down to 203! So certainly they are related and it's just a long process of adjusting and readjusting to cope with the disease.
I do want to tell you though that I am so much better than when I was first diagnosed in 8-03. I had gained 60 lbs and was a mental zombie, very depressed and could hardly get out of bed. I've lost about 25-30 lbs and can think again sometimes - but still have terrible fatigue and memory problems. So have hope, things will get better, keep trying and don't give up - keep working with the doctors....I sure hope you will be better soon....
As for the 24 hr test and period - I don't know at all the answer to that question - sorry - you might try asking on the "cushings" or "addisons" boards since they deal with adrenal stuff....
Hi Fireplace,
I was wondering how you were doing - The week before I did the 24hour test, my Grandmother passed away - so I was very stressed when I took the test - probably why it came out high - but then I am always high anxiety so for me it probably stays high a lot....then the night of the dex suppression test I didn't sleep - so I figured that one would come out bad too - but it didn't - it came out good....so hang in there....as for lowering the synthroid - The doc agreed to lower it from 150 to 137 and I am feeling a little better - The anxiety is a little better...so I think it was contributing....my gluscose generally runs in the upper 90's but there were a test or two that I had over 100 - I think it was 120 and 110 or something like that - then it came back under 100 and has stayed there....I cut back on sugars....(I have a terrible weakness for pepsi (not diet))....Glad to hear from you - I felt fluish at first when it was lowered - but that seems some better now - also I am trying to rest more - that seems to make a huge difference in how much I ache....If I do too much the next day I ache all over (and too much isn't much if you know what I mean)...I'm glad you are getting more tests...let me know how they come out....
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