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Hi everyone,

I've been going through the ups and downs of getting my thyroid regulated. I've been diagnosed with Hashimoto's and have been prescribed Synthroid. I started out at 50mcg which didn't seem to do much so my doc upped my dose to 88mcg. After being on that for about a month or two my TSH went all the way down to .16 and I was having hyperthyroid symptoms. I then went back down to 50mcg and my TSH was still too low and was then put on 25mcg. I had my lab work done last week and now my TSH is way High at 73.6. I'm not sure what happened. I do feel pretty awful though. I'm just surprised at the huge jump in about a month or two time period from .16 to 73.6. Is this common with Hashimoto's? Could it be the Synthroid that's causing the huge fluctuation? My dr. also mentioned that it could be caused by a virus of the thyroid gland. She wants me to start on 100mcg to bring it back down but I'm hesitant since 88mcg made me experience such bad hyper symtoms. My latest lab results are listed. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.....I feel absolutely awful....the worst brain fog I've had in a long time :(


T3 Uptake= 28 range 25-40
t4 thyroxine= 2.7 range 4.5-12.5
FTI= 0.75 range 1.13-5.00
TSH= 73.6 range 0.3-3.00
Free T4= 0.65 range 0.8-2.00
Free T3= 1.4 range 1.5-4.1
Those numbers are very hypothyroid so you need something. I feel awful with a TSH of 9...can't imagine how you must feel. In addition your T4 AND T3 are low. Hashi's is a bi#$h to control when you have a thyroid that is freaking out...mine does the same thing. I go from hyper to hypo within an hour and my TSH goes from 5.5 to 15 in 3 days.

I don't have any answers unfortunately to help you. It almost seems like surgery might be the way to go if you are toggling that wildly. You cannot last too long with that kind of TSH though so you need something quick or you can end up in gravely bad shape.

Synthroid will do the trick for now....its just a matter of guessing the next time your thyroid is going to decide to kick back in on its own and turn you hyper again. Im still not on any meds because of the same thing....I toggle so quickly and my own thyroid goes in and out on its own that if I take meds, I get hyper and if I don't I am hypo....

It could also mean that your thyroid finally crapped out on its own...hopefully for good. If that's the case, you should no longer have a problem getting regulated.
Thanks Nastyhashi and Midwest. I started 100mcg of synthroid this morning. Hopefully I'll start feeling better soon. I'm worried because my health insurance stopped June 1st and my new Insurance doesn't kick in until July 1st. I guess I'll have to make an appointment with a dr. for July 1st if I can. Thanks again for the advice.