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Hello, I was finnaly diagnosed a few days ago as hypo (underactive thyroid) and was given a choice of synthroid, Levoxyl or Armour. I chose synthroid for the time being starting at 25mg once a day. (Is that enough?)

I haven't noticed any change yet but its only been 3 days of meds..sooo..thats not expected.

My symptoms I was having were anxiety and constant sleepiness. Those were the major symptoms. You sound a lot like me and I hope this finnanly helps us both.

I do somewhat get that tightness feeling in my throat. And I learned to relax when the panic comes which cut back on the severity of them. They're still hell!

When you get your blood results, post them all here. I went through 4 doctors before I found one that knows about thyroid levels.
I guess I have a semi update. Been on Synthroid 25 for a week, then 50mg now on day 13.

I would say my depression is down 15%. My anxiety is down probably 25%. Seems to be getting better every day. you couldnt get me to stop taking this. I feel so much better mentally now.

Fatigue is exactly the same. Sleep 10 hours and want to go back to sleep two hours later. Its like I have some motivation now, but no energy and SO tired.