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:bouncing: Hi guys-

I have never posted here and barely read the boards, but I am a hypothyroid individual who recently changed doctors due to my original one retiring. I have been on Synthroid for quite a while but never felt good. Even with Cytomel added a while back, it helped but not as much as I hoped. Sound familiar? Was always told that my levels are normal----I have 3 kids, of course I am tired.

Anyway, my new doc has given me two pieces of advice that even my ob/gyn was astonished with its simplicity.

1) Don't take my medication prior to doing my bloodwork. Take it right after. The medicine could be spiking in your system when you get your blood drawn. I usually take it right when I wake up and then have my blook drawn up to 3 hours later. She said not to and told me to wait until right after I took my blood. Did you also know that birth control can change the results---make sure your doc knows all the meds you take.

2) Take my cytomel in the afternoon an hour before lunch while still taking my Synthroid in the morning. She said there wasn't any reason to take them together in the morning. Because T3 has a shorter half life, you will get a boost in the afternoon.

Just these two things has given me my life back so to speak. I get things accomplished now, my house stays straightened and I don't feel so "3 steps behind" life. I no longer have those 2 weights on my shoulders dragging me down.

This is all from my doctor and not from yours. This is simply meant as information for you to ask your doctor the right questions. It has made such a difference in my life and it is so simple that I just had to get the word out.

Thanks for reading,

Cytomel is T3. Synthroid is T4 and Armour is a combo of both I believe. It is another hormone that your thyroid is suppose to produce.

There is a great debate on whether it helps or not. In my opinion, it does. In my case, it was that little something that got rid of the last bit of tiredness. My only symptoms were being tired and weight gain. I couldn't make it past 10 am without a nap. Fell asleep right on the doc's table one time. They told me I was probably anemic. NOT. My weight has gone up and down since. Atkins has been the only thing that works for me, but had third child almost 4 years ago and turning 40 next year and the body just isn't what it used to be bouncing back this time. DH doesn't help with the stuff he brings home. That is a whole nother story.