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Is it normal for your neck/throat to feel even more swollen and full while you adjust to new medicine? I just started on synthroid a week ago and my throat has been so much more uncomfortable since then. (The ultrasound showed swelling/goiter and increased lymph nodes areound my thyroid) Maybe I'm just more aware of it now, but it's really tender and I was just wondering if this is normal. It seems worse when I eat.

Also wondering how long it takes until you start to feel better. The face puffiness has subsided a lot in the past few days but the rest of the symptoms haven't abated yet. Is two weeks really the magic time period?

There are things called sub-sternal thryoids and goiters that can cause serious problems. When thyroids become enlaged they can compress and displace the trachea.
Here are the symptoms of sub-sternal thyroids:

Frequent coughing

Feeling that something is stuck in my throat

Food getting stuck in the upper esophagus when swallowing (breads and meats
most commonly)

Waking up at night feeling that you can't breathe

Inability to lay down or sleep on your back because of symptoms above (when it
was never a problem before)

My "dumb" doctor who thought he knew it all dropped my synthroid so low, it caused me to develop one of these----and I ended up in the ER---choking to death---but when I told them I had been coughing and choking for several weeks---just my own saliva, and that recently my synthroid had been cut almost in half---they told me to chew my food more thoroughly and denied that there was any kind of goiter. I guess they were looking for the one that shows on the outside---not the one that was growing inside.
And the topper was that they diagnosed me with depression.
Maybe they were right, I was darn near hysterical that they wouldn't listen to me---and they were willing to let me die instead of investigating things a bit more.