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Hello Char,
I didn't notice anything after the CT - but then I had a second one about a week later and I did notice that my swollen neck shrunk! My endo said it isn't enough iodine to affect the thyroid - but maybe having two of them was! And it was confirmed with ultrasound - but my endo thinks the synthroid finally shrunk it after 1.5 yr of treatment - maybe- I don't know if it messed with my levels, but my nodules and thyroid did indeed shrink! I recognized myself in the mirror for about two weeks - however, I think it did throw my hormones for a loop - I was under a lot of stress though so hard to say what was what - but I did miss my period - since I'm on the pill - that was highly unusual for me - so it told me my hormones were doing something/adjusting - I'm not pregnant - but my husband was getting ready to leave for a long period of time and I'm under extreme pressure at work - so it's quite possible that all that stress caused the flux in hormones - the last time I missed a period - it was stress....
Are they doing the neck and chest? That's what I had - wasn't bad at all really - I had a good technician who was very reassuring....they had me put my arms up over my head and resting on a pillow for the chest part and then put them down for the neck part....they will help make sure you are comfortable - but if you not - tell them - it doesn't really take long - not anything as long as an MRI....The iodine gives you a sort of warm feeling - but it goes away pretty quick - it's not unpleasant or painful...does that help? Please let me know what they say - when do you follow up with the doc that ordered the CT?