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Thanks Ora---Thanks! That helps me with another piece of this amazing puzzle.
Yes, I'm still having hypo symptoms---but the doctors don't want to up my dose. The minute I start feeling good, they drop the dose.
I know what it feels like to be hyper---and I don't want that---what I want is the right combo of meds that will get me there. I've been experiencing for a couple of years what you've been going through for so much longer. I'm so sorry!

Thanks Sarah---
I appreciate you sharing what my range is. Synthroid suddenly stopped working for me---it kind of did before, and the doc upped it from 150 to 175---and I was good for about 6 months before I started going "hyper".
I gotta find those T3 numbers. I'm looking into having a test done for myself---no docs involved. I appreciate you sharing with me how and where the numbers should be in relationship to one another.