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I posted in another category however didnt get many responses so I thought I would post in General Health to get some different ideas. I had stage 4b tonsil cancer 3 years ago, surgery, rad and chemo and have been doing fine since. I had a ct of head and neck in March and a Pet in April, all clear. In May, I started feeling really run down, having shortness of breath. I went to my medical oncologist with these symptoms and blood work reveals my thyroid is normal(I am currently taking synthroid) and I am not anemic. I was anemic during my pregancy last year and stopped taking my iron pills, so I thought it might be that. My doc didnt think having another scan was necessary. He says start working out and see how I feel. I know that since my cancer, I have become pretty neurotic. Every ache and pain I have is so pronounced. Its hard not to start thinking the worst after not feeling good so often. He suggested having a pulmonary lung function test and ekg if my symptoms dont go away but I think he is just pacifying me. I have also had this hot feeling in my throat/upper chest, you know that feeling when you're getting a chest cold. I also have intermittent aches in my middle back, but now I'm feel like I'm imagining symptoms. With what i do have(SOB, feeling in throat, fatigue), can anybody give me any ideas of what this may be. I do go to my ent this month, he will probably order a chest xray(he does every year) but I did just have a pet. I've got so much to look forward (my son is 6 months old), I wish I could just stop worrying. Thanks for your input.