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Just a couple of bumbling thoughts here: are you on birth control? Some birth control severely decreases levels of sex steroids (testosterone - yes women really do need it!), and can lead to depression, some fatigue, and loss of libido (though MANY things other than birth control can do this!). Depression can cause fatigue as well - but you probably would know if you were having depression.

Also, curious about your dad's hypothyroidism and your low FT4. What was your TSH? (I personally believe there is a type of hypothyroidism out there there evades practitioners; I've seen too many women with really low blood pressures and low pulses, who are overweight and have signs and symptoms of hypothyroidism). What are your morning temps? (using a mercury thermometer for 7-9 minutes before reading it, taking temp first thing in the morning before you even get out of bed). There is a condition called Wilson's Low Temperature syndrome (which many, many folks do NOT believe in), but which believe a low T3 level indicates a thyroid problem. It is T3 that helps run metabolism, energy level, etc. T4 is simply the "prehormone" to T3. Wilson's believes that some folks have a malfunctioning conversion from T4 to T3. Finding a doc who is willing to work with you is just another challange altogether. Don't think I can help with that. It continues to be a mystery to me. I finally lucked out by asking a few friends who were physical therapists and such.

Did all your other bloodwork come back okay? Iron levels? And what other symptoms of hypothyroidism do you have?

What kind of exercise do you do when you start trying to pick up your program?

Personally, I really think South Beach is an excellent eating program. It's halfway between Atkins and Ornish.

Do you count calories at all? I find that I can only eat about 1200 per day just to keep my weight level (I'm 5'3" and 158#). All the females in my family have/had hypothyroid. I had it with a multinodular goiter 5 years ago, but I felt okay at the time so didn't choose to go on synthroid. Later I started having LOTS of symptoms (of hypothyroidism as well as something similar to CFIDS), but thyroid was always normal (though my T3 was always the lowest number of the normal range). My IGF-1 was lower than normal though (that's a measurement of growth hormone), and my DHEA-Sulfate (prehormone to testosterone), and testosterone levels were plummeting. (This can occur in chronic illness). Finally just last week my TSH came back at 4.5, but that's still too "normal" for some folks to treat (including my doc). It will eventually really go out of norm and then they'll finally treat it.

(My symptoms have been going on about 5 years).

Oh, someone else - sorry I don't remember who! (my apologies) - asked about what an ANA test is. It tests for antibodies that are produced in arthritic conditions (usually indicates rheumatological issues).

Good luck.