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I was diagnosed with thyroid problems about three years ago. For five months I went from Dr. to Dr. trying to find out what was wrong with me and every Dr. kept saying that all of my problems were because I just had a baby and he was making me tired.

I lost the feeling in my toes, I felt completely drunk all day long, hair falling out in large amounts, could barely stay awake, had hair falling out and would have feelings of cold water running down my legs or on my scalp. And each dr. had the same diagnosis - I just had a baby. Finally after seeing a neurologist to rule out MS, he did a very simple blood test and found my TSH to be 70. The high end of the range was 5. To make matters worse, I called the 2nd Dr. that I saw 5 months previously to ask what my TSH level was at that time. That dr. said "oh yeah, that test was abnormal, did we not tell you that?"

Needless to say, I have lost faith in Dr.s.

So anyway, it brings me to today. I have been taking 112 of synthroid for a while, but I have been major problems with my face dripping with sweat, and having no energy. My current Dr. ran a TSH test only, which came back low - .21 with a range of .40 - 5.50

She mailed me the results with a note stating that my thyroid was normal and I didn't need to change my dosage. I called to ask her about it and I told her that in the past I felt better when my lab tests were in the higher range and I was taking 125 of synthroid. She said that, even though the test said it was low, that is where they want the number to be and that I don't need to change the dosage.

I could have sworn, when I researched this three years ago, everyone said that each person is different and that you shouldn't just go by the lab results. I also thought that I had read that merely a TSH test alone, is not a good judge of your condition.

Any suggestions? Do I need to get a second opinion?