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Where do I begin?
I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism about four years ago and about a year ago my synthroid was increased to 88mcg. I have always experienced feelings of being overheated and sweating, but it has gotten to the point where it has controled my lifestyle. I live in a climate where it tends to get very hot in the summer, but I can feel clammy and sweaty in air conditioning and even in wintertime. I was recently on vacation where the outside temp. got to 65 degrees F and I still was overheated and sweaty. It is completely embarrassing.
I mentioned my thyroid because it seemed to be what I thought would be they problem (did I go from hypo to hyper due to overmedicating?), but recent tests do not suggest this. All my testing (T4, T3, TSH) came back "normal". I also had hormone testing done (I cannot recall the name of the blood test) to see if perhaps I'm going through early menopause (I'm only 33), but that too came back "normal".
I'm at a loss as to what step to take next. I requested a visit with an endo. and hope that will help. Does anyone have any insight on this issue of feeling overheated and sweating? Thanks much.