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Hi Everyone
I just got the results of blood test and would like some input. I have a wonderfull Doctor that listens to my symptoms as she reviews my blood work. I have been on this dose of Meds 100mcg of Synthroid for 16 weeks. I have Hashi and was diagnosed back in 1988. As of 2002 it flaired up and so far this is the best I have felt. But I still ache and I Have muscle stiffness along with tired. I get some muscle cramping too. My feet hurt when I get up. I have a puffy face and the list goes on. Its not as bad as last summer in which I spent most of it in bed.

I have tried Armour and it does not work for me. I gave it 6 months. I have also tried Cytomel and that is not an option either. I changed and tried all the Brand name thyroid medications and they dont settle with me either. So its Synthroid for me.

Heres what my number looked like after 16 weeks on 100mcg
TSH 3.86 Range 0.34-5.60
Free T4 1.13 Range 0.58-1.64
Free T3 2.96 Range 2.39-6.79

My Ft3 dropped like a rock this time. It could be the Hashi. But again Cytomel is not an option for me. The doc was open to me moving up to 112mcg of Synthroid. Alternating it with 100mcg for a while to see how I do. If I feel good after a few weeks she said to try everyday on the 112mcg.

My concern is the FT4 level already. Mid range is 1.11 and I'm at 1.13.

Here is a look at my numbers as I worked up to the 16 weeks on the 100mcg. We tested every 4 weeks to see what was going on.

June 3 8 weeks of 100mcg daily
TSH 3.16 Range 0.34-5.60
T4 10.0 Range 6.1-12.2 The lab messed up and ran the T4
FT3 3.90 Range 2.39-6.79

May 5th 2005 after 4 weeks of 100mcg daily
TSH 5.18 Range 0.34-5.60
FT4 1.00 Range 0.58-1.64
FT3 4.35 Range 2.39-6.79

April 04 2005 I alternated 88 and 100 for 4 weeks
TSH 10.30 Range 0.34-5.60
FT4 0.95 Range 0.58-1.64
FT3 3.36 Range 2.39-6.79

So you can see how my Ft3 flucuates and I dont want to mess with it.
THis can be so frustrating. I do know that when I felt good my TSH was around .58 To .89 Thats all that was tested so I dont know what my T4 or T3 was. Now that I'm educated and since changed docs I have all three done. So this is all new to me.

I sure appreciate your opinions.