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On June 25th 2005 I went to the Endo's office for a full check-up and to have him check my thyroid. The Endo said that my thyroid was enlarged. He took some blood to do the thyroid test, and various other tests.

Well - yesterday evening, my Endo's office called me.

The lady told me that my Endo wants to start me on Synthroid as my thyroid was off. She didn't give me any numbers, or anything. She also told me that my hormones were off, and the doctor wants to talk more about that when I come in next month, and may want to do further testing for PCOS.

The phone call was so brief, that I really didn't think to ask any questions. I was a little stunned over the PCOS thing.

So anyways - I went yesterday evening and picked up my prescription for Synthroid. The bottle says 'Synthroid 0.05 mg 50 MCG TAB.

I have not started taking the pills yet, as he gave me a 30 day supply - and my next appointment is just over a month away, so I will start to take them next week, to ensure I do not run out before my appointment.

I am just concerned about how the pills are going to make me feel after taking them.

What were some of the feelings you had after taking the pills? Did you have more energy? Did you feel better overall? Did you experience any weight gain/weight loss after taking the pills for a certain amount of time?

And one more question...What does Armour mean? I see the word used on this site a lot, and I've come to conclude that they are referring to the medication? Please let me know if I am wrong.

Thanks so much for taking the time to read.
Any replies are greatly appreciated! :)

- Kari :wave:
I also just thought of something that I forgot to post:

I have an appointment to get a thyroid scan on August 11th.

The doctor just put me on Synthroid - so should I wait to start my meds before the test, or after the test?

And if he now knows that I am hypo - is it important that I still get the scan? Just curious.

Thanks again!
- Kari :wave:

It is hard to know what thyroid hormones will make you feel like. I have taken both the Armour and the Synthroid. The Armour made me feel great but made me gain weight, and I am on day 7 of synthroid and I have felt worse with the hypo symptoms. I think it is all in the person and until you get the right dosage.

Armour is the natural form of thyroid hormone. I loved it and intend to try it again but I was put on synthroid for surgery. Armour is made from dissected pig thyroid hormone and contains both t3 and t4 hormone which many of us need. I know I felt better with the t3 replacement. There are so many splint opinions on this med so you have to find a dr who is smart enough to use it.

I have had good luck in finding dr;s who like the Armour.

As far as the meds and the scan, I am not sure! Hopefully, someone will jump in here soon. I am thinking you wait til after the scan for the meds.

I have felt really bad all week with starting synthroid, an increase in my hypo symptoms, but today I think I might actually feel a little better!!

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[font=garamond]As far as how the pills will make you feel, I cannot tell you what a difference they have made in my life. I thought that I was aging, old...I can't really explain it. I let my thyroid problem go way too long due to a lack of health insurance. I was probably sick for at least a year before I got diagnosed, and I was miserable. I had run out of energy and couldn't get out of bed. There were times when I was really dirty but didn't want to take a shower because I dreaded how cold I'd be for those few seconds when I got out. And when I did get out, even if my husband was right there with a warm towel directly from the dryer, I'd still shiver and cry all the way back to the bed, where I'd try to study until I fell asleep at six in the afternoon and slept all night, and still be tired in the morning. I know that sounds crazy, but your thyroid gland controls all the metabolic processes in your body, thus regulating your temperature, your energy level, your emotions, and even your sex drive. I honestly thought I was going to die. I am not being dramatic or exaggerating. It's God's honest truth.

When I started taking Synthroid, I became a new person. I felt...human again? The first few days I had trouble swallowing them, but after that, I started waking up in the morning. I stopped needing coffee every two hours just to stay awake. I didn't spend as much time in bed under the blanket. I was alive again. Synthroid is third in my life only to Jesus Christ and my husband as far as its resurrecting power. I am me again. And you will be too.[/font]