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I had my surgery in June and have to go back in September to have them remove the rest. For those mentioning the cost and good insurance, I'm with you on that. I feel this one should be a freebie because I knew it was follicular and not papillary cancer. Here we are in July and it's been about 5 weeks and my scar is really tender. Still numb in the center of neck, but the right side which still has the cancer feels like I'm touching glass thats on my skin. It is a little red in that area, but nothing drastic. Weight, what I wouldn't give to be able to drop 25 lbs. I never knew why I couldn't loose it before, but now I know. My husbands response is if you don't put anything in your mouth you can't gain weight. some things I've noticed since surgery and going on synthroid (0.05mg) is that my finger nails are growing again. They use to be so brittle. The only bad thing is I just realized my hair hasn't grown in almost a year. I'm not losing any, but it is really dry and yucky to touch. It's funny the things you don't realize until something happens to you and you learn these things. I have gotten my energy back since the oper., but I had a problem previously that is keeping me up at night and making me tired that way. Once again my husband says that if I went to bed when he did I would be able to wake up at the same time he does and not be tired. The pain management doc. did an epidural to block the pain in my left leg. He said there is something there (radiologist made a note about bulging disks.), but I don't feel any pain in my back I just turned "39" this month and I feel like the warranty on some of my parts is expiring.

Hey Nancy,
I sure have been wondering how you have been doing since I hadn't seen you around here. Good to hear from you.

Are they going to up your dose of synthroid or are they monitoring you right now? I was thinking that maybe with a higher dose you might loose some weight. I am glad your energy is back too!

As far as husbands, just be glad they are not the ones that are sick because I couldn't handle the dramatic whining and complaining! :) ( that is how mine is )

I am feeling a bit better about my surgery Tuesday since reading how well some of you have done, but how do you get yourself to be totally calm, I guess you can't.

Keep us updated, please,

Have they scheduled surgery yet? I also thought of your situation and signed for them to go ahead and take the whole thing out so I don't have to have another lobe out in a few months.