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first let me say this board is great! i see more help here and support here than any board i have read. very friendly.

positive for hashimoto since2002 been on 50mcg synthroid saw no impovement but not worse. had a hysterectomy in april start on estrogen patch and componded projesterone creme. felt well for awhile. now feel really bad. have most of all the symptom list for hypo and some for hyper

doctor ran test and was sent letter all normal continue on present medication.
tsh 3.036 >0.350-5.500
t4 8.1 >4.5-12.00
t3uptake 27 >24-39
free thyroxine index 202 >1.2-4.9

forgot to add neck feels swollen and hurts gravel voice and every other symtom. any help as where to go next. thanks so much.