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Hi All,
I know I'm a little off thyroid (but thyroid is tied to estrogen) and almost everything else as far as I can tell -

but can anyone tell me what my estridiol level should be in a blood test if I am taking BCP Lo-Estrin 30 mcg of estradiol and 1.5 mcg of the progesterone (should it measure 30?)....

My Doc keeps testing my FSH and my LH and Prolactin and ATCH too - Do the FSH and LH mean anything if I am on BCP? I think he is looking for a pituitary problem right?

(I was having high cortisol, but the dex supp test put it down to 1 and he said the adrenals were ok. (also had the 24hr urine but it came back high)
latest test was 15 though with max range at 25.....so that's better.

I would appreciate any help anyone can give me with this (I am 40 yrs old) and I think he may also suspect ovarian failure (I only have one- had other one removed in 1992). Also can you have dysmetabolic syndrome without thyroid disease?

Sorry for all the questions - But you guys know your endocrinology - thank you so much for any help you can give me!!
Best wishes,

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15 mg cytomel just ceased (too much anxiety)
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Hi Guys,
Sure appreciate all your input - I have lots things going on besides my thyroid nodules - but they all seem to be tied to the endocrine system in one way or another.....I did go off the pills for three months 2 years ago and the endo did the FSH and LH and all that during that time - he declared then (I was 38) that the one remaining ovary was working ok....so then I went back on them again. Yeah - I've been wondering why he keeps testing them even though I'm back on the BCP again - but when my cortisol got high three months ago - that's when he started looking at the FSH and LH, prolactin, ATCH and DHEA too....but after the dex test (also they did a CT that supposedly covered the adrenals) he said my adrenals were ok and the elevation of cortisol was stress related - I was really wired up on 150 mcg adn 15 mcg of cytomel and lots of personal and job stress - so I agreed with him. It got up to 30 when the max in the range was 25. My last test in June though it was down to 15 (but I know about the diurnal cycle) but I always make my endo appts for the same time of day every time - (about every 6 weeks to 2 months I see him).

I think maybe I don't have the dymetabolic syndrome - he did a glucose tolerance test and my glucose values are always in 80-90 range. I don't think I'm insulin resistant right?

I think maybe he suspected all these things because I gained 60 lbs in one year and have had a difficult time losing it - also I have crashing fatigue that hasn't really abated since I started synthroid 2 years ago - that's when my thyroid nodule was discovered despite my "normal" thyroid labs...I think the nodule caused the weight gain and lots of other problems - but maybe he wants to make sure there aren't other things too....(My highest TSH was 1.7 and was 0.84 a month before he found the nodule)....

Thanks for the info on the tubal/hyter thing too - with all the cancer in my family and my ovary apparently not making a sufficient amount of estrogen (since I have osteopenia) and the adhesions and IBS problems I have I thought the total hyter might be better for me...also I've been worried that the tubal might fail - I've read there are different types - sounds like some are better than others - some use clips, some cauterize and some still tie the tubes?? I don't know - just know I'm too young to feel this old and with all the thyroid issues (rising weight and blood press amoung them) I am more worried about the BCP adn stroke/heart attack....

Thanks again you all for your replies - I really appreciate your help and sharing your experiences with me...I've got to get well or I don't want to know what it's going to be like when I'm 50!!


PS Yes - I was told by a woman professional how women's diseases get brushed off and researched less etc....and thyroid disease is predominantly a woman's disease...