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Hey KCthy,

Well, here was the thought on the synthroid................the surgeon doesn't think my thyroid was functioning at all since it was practically incased in water and I was taking .075mgs of synthroid and feeling well. He thinks that I needed to go back on that dose for the first week and see how I feel. He and the endo have no problems upping it at all and my endo said he will treat by symptoms, not labs with no gland. I also have the option of going back on the Armour. The surgeon felt that one of the large nodules was probably functioning and that was the result of the "normal" looking labs but that the gland itself was dead.

I was so surprised when they took off the dressing how small the incision is. I mean it is like a small half moon and it is so neat and tidy.

I am so glad that you haven't had a crash that I have heard can happen. I guess it is normal that we are going to go through some fluctuations since we have no gland at all, but in actuality the surgeon made it seem like it is much easier to treat with no gland espcecially if you were dealing with nodules and hashi's like you and I were. He said treating properly that was is darn near impossible and I think he is right.

4 weeks post op, wow, that went quick! That darn tightness bugs me. I hate the feeling like my head is sewn on too tight lololol