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Hi Lindy, Yes it seems that anti D's are the standard for prescribing for fibro. I took the first one prescribed amitryptilin and it didn't work as a matter of fact it gave me a hangover. After that when the doc suggested it was time to try a new anti D I said NO. I didn't want to fall in that category of here is an anti D get happy and don't bother me. Please don't get me wrong, I know they work for a lot of people and are a wonderful drug for some. I just can't take them and I wanted meds that would address the fibro pain and symptoms without stoning me out. All I really use now is ambien for sleep and muscle relaxers. I take prednisone for my lupus joint pain and synthroid for hypothyroid.

That is something you need to check on also, make sure your thyroid is in range between 1and 3 (not 5) that can help a lot. The medications you take are your choice!! Be proactive in your healthcare and make the docs work with you to find the meds and alternative options that may help you. Good Luck.