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Weird question here. I've been on the 100 mcg's of synthroid for about a week now (still on 5 mcg cytomel). I was on 75 mcg for a few weeks, and then 88 mcg for a couple weeks before that.

Dr. bumped me to 100 because TSH was 22 (out of basically a .5 to 5.0 range) so I doubt I'm being overmedicated, but yesterday at the store when I was checking out I got very anxious and basically had a classic panic attack that didn't go away until after I had been home for awhile.

The last time this happened to me I was on Armour thyroid and my TSH was way low (.021 or something). On one hand I'm taking this to show my TSH might be moving in the right direction (I've been too tired to have panic LOL) but on the other hand.. well, anxiety sucks. Even this morning I have flushing warm feelings through arms and shoulders and my PVCs (heart palps) are pretty active- I imagine a little stress induced at this point.

Any thoughts? (I do have Hashi's BTW)
i'm on the lowest does of synthroid possible, and when i try to increase it, i feel more anxious and get weird tingles in my extremities.

i think i'm an anxious person by nature and really sensitive to medication. i mean, i dont even drink caffeine cuz i bounce off the walls and become more prone to anxiety and panic. its ridiculous.

i could have sworn i read something recently that its not unusual for people to have more anxiety when starting thyroid hormones and/or increasing them. it makes sense if you think about it. also, since t3 is a bit more 'fast acting', it seems to make people more anxious. i'm glad you're off it now.

god i HATE panic attacks. arent they just awful? i feel for you. phhooey on panic. phooey. :p