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Hello Folks
Been finding out more and more about my health. I'm the one that probably has Hashi's but not sure since I have come to find out alot of mistakes that were made by the original docs I saw. Lab results I was not told about, a total lack of care that I rec'd. I was just one that slipped through the cracks. Sadly I'm not one to go to the docs unless I am really sick, when I did, they failed me. Time and time again!

I'm on Synthroid 75mcg. Seemed to be going okay. I posted about having terrible night blindness well the joint pain I talked about is even WORSE. I've been in alot of pain the last few days. My hands and well everything, is so painful and stuff but if you look at them, they do not appear that way.

Nothing helps the pain. It's really affecting my quality of life. I read where RA can come into play with a bad thyroid. Does anyone else have this. I cannot believe this. If over two years ago my doctors would have treated me like a worthwhile human being, I would not be suffering so much.

I just want my life back.

I don't know if this Synthroid is even working at this point I do not trust anyone with MD after their name. To me, that only tells me you went through medical school and managed to graduate, doesn't mean you know anything!


Very upset. It's 4 am and I cannot sleep due to the pain.

Thanks everyone

someone recently replied to one of my posts and mentioned that they had terrible muscle and joint pain, and attributed it to the synthroid she was taking.

do you think synthroid might be the cause for you? if not, have you thought about seeing a nutritionist? perhaps you have a vitamin/mineral deficiency. i dont know much about RA, but i've had weird muscle problems lately and my bloodwork shows i'm low in magnesium. if you're having night blindness perhaps you're lacking in vitamin A? i dont know-

i'm not sure if RA can be connected to adrenal fatigue problems. there is a saliva test available to check on that, if there is a connection there.

i understand your distrust of MD's - i'm right there with you. i'm disgusted with all of them. i've seen an acupuncturist and a naturopath and so far i feel i've gotten more support and more reliable information from them than the few docs i've seen.

hope that helps
Thanks friends, I appreciate your support and suggestions.
I called the doc office today, which I promised myself I would not, but only to have them fax an order to a lab so I could have some new labs drawn. I don't trust waiting 3 more months for labs. They want to wait 3 mos after I have been on Synthroid to retest. GARBAGE!

Anyway..No one ever returned my call and they were open for the holiday. Really frustrating. That's okay...I'll get those labs drawn. I'll find a way.