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Hi everyone.
First of all Dh and I have been TTC for about 11 months and still no baby. I have hypothyroidism, and am on synthroid .88mcg. It seems that it is hard for me to get pregnant.. I have become irregular and I am not sure if I am even ovulating anymore. For instance, my cycles used to be 26 days.. now its like 38 days. I have light bleeding one month, and heavy the next. Last month I had light bleeding when my period was due, and then like 5 days later I was bleeding again. I never really noticed this big of a change until I changed from Levoxyl to Synthroid.. could there be a chance that the meds might have something to do with it. I am really wanting to start a family, but I don't know how likely it is to even concieve while being hypo.

Thanks everyone for any advice.

Take Care
It's definitely affecting mine. We've been trying for 5 years. I've had two failed IVF's and two cancelled IVF's for poor response. Implantation failure is associated with hashimoto's. Have you had your Anti thyroid antibodies checked? I was on synthroid for a year and never felt better. I feel much better on Armour but still not 100%. I am going to try an osteopath and see if he can figure it out. Have you had your Free t3 tested? On synthroid my t4 was not converting properly which is why armour helped but still not pregnant. Good luck.