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Hi everyone. Is the feeling of something stuck in the throat common for hypothyroidism? This feeling seems to occur when I need my meds increased. It feels like something is in my throat and I need to either swallow it or cough it up.

I have been in the slow process of trying to get regulated. I recently had follow-up blood work done and a thyroid scan and am waiting for results. I have been with this doctor since January. My previous bloodwork in August showed my Free T3 even lower than it had been the previous two tests. It will be interesting to see what the new blood work shows. I am currently on a low dose of Synthroid with Armour and the doctor is thinking of using Armour only and increasing the dose.

Any advice you can give is very appreciated. Thank you!
that certainly was one of my symptoms. in fact, its the one symptom that brought me to the docs and prompted them to check my thyroid levels. i call it 'tightness in the throat', or a "golfball stuck" sensation. very annoying. makes me want to swallow more often. makes me panicky.

my left node is in fact swollen, or was. i've been on meds a short time and the feeling has gone away (but it has come and gone in the past before i was diagnosed so i dont know if its the meds or if its just coincidence). i'm getting my first ultrasound this week.

i'm on a very low dose of synthroid, having a tough time with it. looks like i've got hashi's.

how is your ft4? if thats ok, sounds like maybe the armour increase is warranted, or cytomel which is just t3.