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Hi guys...back from the lab. But here is the whole sad story (kept it short, really!) to help you recall my case:

Ok, RAI 6 years ago and these numbers in the end.

FT4: 1.28 (0.80-1.60)

FT3: 3.1 (2.2-4.3)

TSH 1.57 (well, you know)

With these numbers had very, very foggy head, tired, palpitations, dry eyes, slow pulse (60)aches, head pain, PMS severe, ringing in ears, sagging eye lid.

Tried various dosing and ended up on 3/4 Grain Armour with these labs (new lab so different ranges)

FT4: 1.1 (0.8-2.3)

FT3: 3.7 (1.4-3.8)

TSH: 0.1 (well, you know)

Symptoms continued but foggy head was far WORSE. So went back to base one and starte on 25mcg of Synthroid. Here are the labs after 18 days on this dose:

FT4: 1.2 (0.8-2.3)

FT3: 2.3 (1.4-3.8)

TSH: 0.7 (well, you know)

As expected the FT3 went down, but the FT4 went up just a bit and TSH did too. Symptoms are continued foggy head, but better than when on Armour dose of 3/4. But still of and on hypo symptoms of fatigue, sagging eyelid, sore heals and worst of all brain fog (though brain fog is better than when on Armour).

NOW: I have two thoughts, increase 12.5 or 25 mcg and retest in several weeks or stay on current dose or ....anything else? BTW my ferritin is 97 on scale of 10-120 and my blood pressure is 112/56.

Any help and opinions greatly, greatly appreciated...just trying to get rid of this horrible brain fog ....thanks you guys! :) Pixiek
Pix...you are obviously real sensitive to T3, so each time you took a shot of Armour, even a little, your T3 went up and your TSH went down. Your TSH is pretty responsive to T3 obviously.

Judging by your numbers, it appears that your original dose of sarmour was giving you the T3 you needed but not enough T4, therefore I would see about taking 1/2 grain (1/4 grain lower than your original) of Armour AND .25 Synthroid. It appears a combo like that might put you where you want to be with the additional T4.

If you wanted to skip having to do 2 pills per day, I would opt to get rid of the Armour as your T3 seems to be naturally responsive to changes and your T4 is a little more stubborn. You would probably end up around .5 - .625 Synthroid if you dropped the Armour to get the T4 you seem to need.