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Has anyone switched to Armour after taking Synthroid or Levoxyl. If so, did you have the same reaction to it. I had been on Levoxyl and had horrible hyper symptons. Shaky, jittery inside, brain fog, dry eyes, weak feeling in legs and arms. I start the Armour tomorrow. Hope it works better!
I started with Synthroid. Never had any bad reactions to it, but it didn't work that well. My current doctor doesn't like Synthroid and switched me to Armour right away. I've been on it for 2 and a half years now, with a brief try last summer with a generic that made me jittery. Most people seem to do better with Armour. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.
I loved armour but had to go back to synthroid after a year, too much T3. Got heart palpitations, anxious, etc.
I started on Synthroid, which made me hyper in the smallest dose, so I had to quit it.
Switched to Armour and have had no such problem at all. Doing well on it.
Comparing different people's reactions to different drugs is a futile exercise, though. Everyone is so very different in this area, that there is no predicting what will happen to you. You just have to try everything.